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Calculating an Amortized Payment

Learn how to calculate the correct payment that will cause a loan to pay off in the specified term using amortized payments.

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Trends to Watch in 2017

Making predictions in the ever-changing lending and financial markets is indeed speculative at best, but it’s worthwhile to see what various experts and outlets believe are the trends to watch and the pitfalls to avoid.

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How to Make Credit Cards Work For You

Credit cards are awesome. I have a queue of credit card applications like an online-shopper has a wish list. But it wasn’t always that way.

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The Giants Awaken

Goldman isn’t partnering with P2P platform or an online lender. It is becoming one. They may just win and here’s why.

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The History of Lending Part 3

Even before the Empire fell (we’re talking about the Roman Empire here), the lending industry was dealt a death blow by the Roman Catholic Church, which had become the State Religion in 312 AD.

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The History of Lending Part 2

At the start of the Roman Republic, the southern portion of the Italian peninsula was dominated by Greek Colonies.

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Lenders - 4 Tips to Improve Your Website

Some lender’s websites make the financial industry look dated and behind the times. Here are 4 techinical tips lenders can use to improve their website.

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Why We Salted Our Hashes

Lately, I have been asked several times why we hash some of our data and why we salt the hashes. We’re talking about data security.

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The History of Money Part 3

Part three of a five part series on the history of money. It wasn’t long until the Romans caught on and decided to produce their own kind of currency. Only this time, they called an aes rude (rough bronze).